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2015西城高三上学期期末basketball club英语满分作文

Last week, I was on my way to the dining hall when a poster aroused my attention, which informed us that school clubs were going to recruit new members next Friday on the playground. Seeing the information, I felt a sense of delight washed over me since I was looking forward to a chance to enrich my life.

Several days later, the day we had been expecting finally came. However, confusion came to me when I reached the playground since there were too many clubs to choose from, such as the basketball club, cartoon club and guitar club. Impressed by the advertisement of the basketball club, I made up my mind to apply for it.

Without any hesitation, I went to the place where we could fill in the application form. Worried by the thought that too many competitors were qualified, I wrote down my advantages and awards as detailed as possible.

Fortunately, I was chosen as the member of the club. So excited were we that we couldn’t help taking a photo together to record the unforgettablemoment. And thanks to this experience, I would be able to share my hobby with others.


中考英语作文sky English club

1 文中应包含图表所提供的要点,可适当发挥;

2 想法和建议至少两条;文中不能出现真实姓名和校名

3 词数:80——100(短文开头不计人总次数,考生可以选择使用){club英语作文}.

One possible verslom

Recently we’ve made a surver of sky English club. Here are the results.We find fifty-one percent of the student want to practice their spoken English by using Internet>Twenty-five percent like watching English movies,which can make their holiday life better.Eighteen percent would like to read more English classics because they are interested in them.Six percent hope that they can lean more foreign culiture,such as good western festivals.

As far asI know,it’s very helpful to improve English by learning English songs.Maybe we can invite foreigners to introduce good ways to learn songs. I’m sure all of us will have fun in the sky English club.


(106 words.)


English society club作文

English society club

With the development classes’ change, English society club changes too. Hello, everyone, I am an English society club represent Linda. Now, I will announce English club how to change.

Firstly, organic name is “Sunshine English Club”. Smile is like sunshine in winter. If you join in this club, you must smile. Then, the club said:“Nothing is difficult to the man who will try.”As you know, club should have some activities . Therefore, we should do some exercise to promote the development of sports and build up the People’s health. And we need play with our friends, for example, reading、writing and listening to music in English club.{club英语作文}.

What’s more, if you want to join us in ,you must understand“whatever you do as we asked to do, you put our heart into it and do it better”.


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2.能恰当地运用了一句:To promote the development of sports and build up the People’s health .说明了人生在于运动。

(author: Huang ling)


英语作文Joining a club or society

Joining a club or society

Joining a club or society is a popular topic for freshmen. A lot of students have joined a club or society. Different people have different ideas about it.

Of course no one can deny that we benefit a lot from joining a club or society. It makes our campus life more colorful. Most of us regard it as not only an interesting but also an exciting experience. The most important thing is that it offers a great chance to meet people with the same interest and make new friends. It will help build one’s resume as well.

However, others disagree that it’s a good idea to join a club or society. Obviously it takes too much time and energy. Some of the members are just trying to build their CVs. And most of what the officers of these groups do is just busywork. Sometimes the activities are boring and make no sense.

Weighing pros and cons, I think the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. Joining a club or

society offers a great chance to make new friends. And it is a good place to relax yourself at the same time. Significantly, it helps improve the ability to solve some problems or cooperate with others. So I think it’s good to do so.


小学英语作文-I Want to Join the English Club 我想加入英语俱乐部

小学英语作文:I Want to Join the English Club 我想加入英语俱乐

I Want to Join the English Club 我想加入英语俱乐部{club英语作文}.

Dear Mr Zhao,

I'm a student from Class 2 Grade 6. I want to join the English club. I like English very much, but I'm not good at it, so I want to join the club to improve my English. I think it's a good place for me both to practise my English and to make friends.

If it's possible, please call me at 3366823. Thanks.

Yours sincerely,

Zhang Lei









Directions:For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an announcement for welcoming students to join in a club. You should write at least 120 words following the outline given below.




Welcome to Join in Our Club

Welcome to join in our club.

There are a variety of activities in our club. The main activities are the most attractive,such as study skills, entertainments, communicating

meetings, help the old and lonely people and so on.

In our club, you can make more friends, learn more

knowledge, get more fun, and realize your status at the practice and so on. You also can feel the force of unite.

In a word, you will feel your life is fulfillment at the time you join in.

If you want to join us, you should write down your message by papers or e-mail. The messages include the name, age, hobbits, contacting way and male or female. The former can deliver it into the office in club, the latter can sent it to

Don’t delay, come on, dear. All of us hope that you could join us right now, and would become family with us in our club.